in vogue

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Jackson smiled once more upon the company, and, applying his left thumb to the tip of his nose, worked a visionary coffee-mill with his right hand, thereby performing a very graceful piece of pantomime (then much in vogue, but now, unhappily, almost obsolete) which was familiarly denominated
The chemist recommended various remedies which were in vogue fifteen years since.
There's a certain amount of cant in vogue about Starvation, and I mean to Put it Down.
Kim's husband Kanye West (above) is using his klout to push his missus's claims to appear in Vogue in her wedding dress and that's well within his compass.
Leather belts like the ones the major leaguers use and not the adjustable, stretch belts offered at most sporting goods stores; batting-helmet decals not only for the major league teams but for most of the high school teams in the Valley; actual stirrup socks -- not the fake ones -- that big league teams used to wear and are now coming back in vogue, along with the white sanitary socks that go under the stirrups.