inability to decide

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The buck-passing, the cowardice, the shambolic inability to decide where more planes are going to land in Britain is of course all down to a handful of Tory MPs telling their NIMBY constituents they would rather lay down on a Heathrow runway than allow increased noise over their picture postcard villages.
Since humans are distinguished from other living species by their ability to think and learn, failure to manage risks is characterized by inability to decide what to do, when to do it, and whether enough has been done.
Given the inability to decide on a coherent refugee policy, ministers are seeking short-term solutions which do not require Cabinet approval to help mitigate the effects of the refugee crisis, according to Khalil Gebara, an adviser to Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk.
WE DO NOT know whether we should laugh or cry about the legislature's inability to decide which state officials should be given a car and chauffeurs by the state.
His inability to decide about his love life deceptively makes him seem uber cool.
This is an institutionalised problem of a party with an inability to decide on and promote a single consistent policy on one of the most important issues facing humanity.
In the past fortnight, Justin has worked hard on convincing Jen that he really is committed to marrying and that the delay has largely arisen as a result of his career really taking off in the last six months as well as her inability to decide exactly the wedding she wants to have.
Iranian-American analyst Trita Parsi wrote last week, "US officials are leaning towards the belief that internal divisions combined with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi's inability to decide whether to deal or not are paralyzing Tehran.
The judge has excused potential jurors for various reasons, including financial hardship, child care issues and a professed inability to decide the case impartially.
Now the same sort of do-gooders are bemoaning the unwashed masses' inability to decide who to remove or maintain in those same judicial offices, because the unwashed have no concept of "merit" and might see fit to remove judges with whose decisions the electorate has profound disagreement.
Mian Nawaz Sharif, while expressing his inability to decide the issue on his own, has said that he could only make a decision according to partys consensus.
Fear of death, desire to control, inability to decide on an heir and family rivalries all contribute to inertia, but a failure to plan readily translates into failure to succeed.