inability to decide

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There seemed to be an inability to decide between subtlety and heavy-handedness, as well as a recourse to filmic back-projections which added little to our understanding (at one point it appeared to be snowing in an allegedly flower-filled garden).
administration is in fact showing a lack of strategy, likely stemming from its inability to decide just how far it is willing to go to stem Iranian expansionism.
Overseas, the lack of a decision is seen as a symbol of Britain's inability to decide on its future as a trading nation.
The buck-passing, the cowardice, the shambolic inability to decide where more planes are going to land in Britain is of course all down to a handful of Tory MPs telling their NIMBY constituents they would rather lay down on a Heathrow runway than allow increased noise over their picture postcard villages.
Since humans are distinguished from other living species by their ability to think and learn, failure to manage risks is characterized by inability to decide what to do, when to do it, and whether enough has been done.
has engaged to show that the inability to decide upon which ideal to base foreign policy has left the U.
Given the inability to decide on a coherent refugee policy, ministers are seeking short-term solutions which do not require Cabinet approval to help mitigate the effects of the refugee crisis, according to Khalil Gebara, an adviser to Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk.
Chief market strategist at broker IG Brenda Kelly commented: "The struggling fashion division of M&S has been through setback after setback, in part due to an inability to decide upon and target the right demographic.
WE DO NOT know whether we should laugh or cry about the legislature's inability to decide which state officials should be given a car and chauffeurs by the state.
His inability to decide about his love life deceptively makes him seem uber cool.
This is an institutionalised problem of a party with an inability to decide on and promote a single consistent policy on one of the most important issues facing humanity.
In the past fortnight, Justin has worked hard on convincing Jen that he really is committed to marrying and that the delay has largely arisen as a result of his career really taking off in the last six months as well as her inability to decide exactly the wedding she wants to have.