inability to perceive

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Inability to perceive that we are fortunate enough to give
The defining clue is their inability to perceive or give an honest account of other viewpoints.
They were also familiar with studies of major corporate failures that have shown how boards of even the largest and most sophisticated corporations can fall victim to "risk blindness"--the apparent inability to perceive, effectively assess or adapt to potential threats to a company's strategy or survival.
It leverages Xenon's Extreme Genetics discovery platform to concentrate on rare phenotypes where individuals have an inability to perceive pain or where individuals have non-precipitated spontaneous severe pain.
This logic is tied to the literal ways he interprets language, his inability to perceive sarcasm, his devotion to telling the truth; and at times it extends to his personality: if, for instance, you should be able to do whatever you like on your birthday, why must a boy suffer the indignities and mysteries of a birthday party when he'd much rather he with his keyboard and computer games?
The man's facial failures are one symptom of a general inability to perceive configurations of object parts, suggests a new investigation led by psychologist Cindy Bukach of the University of Richmond in Virginia.
Putin appears to have one potentially fatal weakness - an inability to perceive that many Russians are fed up with his brand of autocratic democracy.
There must be two different reasons why this message is so difficult for some political figures to understand: a failure to comprehend that the masses being represented have changed and that expectations and worries have also changed; and an inability to perceive that neither their stances nor their policies represent the spirit or the expectations of the grass roots.
Additionally there are patient barriers to reporting being a victim of intimate partner violence some of which are: fear, shame and humiliation, lack of awareness that there is a problem, and an inability to perceive alternatives.
Because it is widely believed that women should be more caring, sensitive and polite, a woman on the autism spectrum may find that her apparent brusqueness and inability to perceive subtle social cues is less easily forgiven than it would be in a man.
As we learn in short order, he also has Asperger syndrome, a developmental disorder characterized by physical clumsiness, low empathy and an inability to perceive what others are thinking.
The texts seem to support the assumption of an "objective" truth to which the don Quixote, unlike other characters in the narrative, is denied access, either through her own repression of this "truth" or through her inability to perceive it.