inability to perceive

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Lawyers for the German-based publisher cited the quote in a November 12 filing as an alleged example of 'Top Gun' star's inability to perceive any boundaries to logic or taste.
This logic is tied to the literal ways he interprets language, his inability to perceive sarcasm, his devotion to telling the truth; and at times it extends to his personality: if, for instance, you should be able to do whatever you like on your birthday, why must a boy suffer the indignities and mysteries of a birthday party when he'd much rather he with his keyboard and computer games?
The man's facial failures are one symptom of a general inability to perceive configurations of object parts, suggests a new investigation led by psychologist Cindy Bukach of the University of Richmond in Virginia.
Putin appears to have one potentially fatal weakness - an inability to perceive that many Russians are fed up with his brand of autocratic democracy.
Additionally there are patient barriers to reporting being a victim of intimate partner violence some of which are: fear, shame and humiliation, lack of awareness that there is a problem, and an inability to perceive alternatives.
According to the enneagram a personality typing system, we each have an ego-state that is structured around our inability to perceive reality.
Thanks to editing the ambiguity of the propagation sequence and the audience's inability to perceive the sexual performance of penguins was one of the best scenes in documentary.
When percussion instruments and manipulatives are introduced, distractibility can be a factor in the students' inability to perceive the steady beat quickly.
The biggest obstacle to managing these patients is our inability to perceive the difference between physical and psychological factors affecting them and to treat each accordingly.
With his staggering inability to perceive that he has done that much wrong, rotten Richard comes across like the devil incarnate.
Inability to perceive the big E on a Snellen eye chart indicates very poor vision.
3) Throughout the text, Richard's failure as a writer is tied to his inability to perceive himself and his relation to Cass; this blindness paradoxically turns him into Richardson, the perhaps unwitting author of Clarissa's woe.