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How could it be that a man like Lee--"a character that in its kind stands supreme in all history" ("Untitled," Princeton MS 30)--was so historically close, yet inaccessibly distant?
It's not as if the rest of the transmission was inaccessibly highbrow.
Only for Gregory of Nyssa does Williams present explicit evidence that biblical figures might threaten to seem inaccessibly distant; and even here, the objections that Gregory anticipates--and seems to think easily dismissed--apply to the Old Testament patriarchs and Moses (61-62).
In fact, some psychiatric diagnoses can be made without even having access to an individual's mental content--for example, dementia of severe degree where much mental content is inaccessibly eroded.
Many viewers find the beauty and meanings of Chinese painting inaccessibly subtle.
WHERE would you, dear reader, think would be a wise and wonderful venue for the launch of Heritage Open Days, the September long weekend designed to showcase our unusual and normally inaccessibly historic buildings?
Seidel Menchi's "The Inquisitor as Mediator" is not new (unlike the rest), but a translation of a key article published rather inaccessibly in 1984; using mainly records from Venice, Modena, and Friuli it provides an important weapon against still prevalent simplistic views of the Roman Inquisition and its procedures.