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the contractor is to undertake the role as pscs inaccordance with the phsp.
Ahad Cheema, however, denied all the allegations levelled against him and contended that all steps were taken inaccordance with law and the NAB authorities did not have any evidence against him.
New York, SANA- Any Russian action in Syriaagainst the terrorist organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will be inaccordance with international law, PresidentVladimir Putin said Monday, adding that the internationalalliance's air strikes against this terrorist organization didn't achieve any result.
There is no double dealing withthe outsideparties- We stress that arming any group will not occur unless viathe Iraqi government, inaccordance withits military plans," al-Abadi added.
He secured the PROP system and balanced the fuel manually inaccordance with NATOPS procedures.
This is in fact inaccordance with theadvice in the National Framework for RE.
Tenders are invited for perform data collection for all signs and their support structures within the entire annexed city jurisdiction, conducting a daytime assessment, nighttime survey and retroreflectivity testing, geo location, photo index, identification tagging, and post-processing of this data to create inventory records in a format compatible with arcgis, and inaccordance with the california manual on uniform traffic control devices.
the agreement may be renewed following the initial term inaccordance with the terms delineated herein under the section entitled renewal of contract.
Tenders invited for Supply of doublecompression weather proof cableglandcable gland is manufacturing inbrass, with nickel plated andentry threaded should be inaccordance with bsc standarddouble compression weather proofcable glands are testedas per bs 6121-2005 & ip 66 as periec 60529:1999sealing ring should be neoprenerubbercable gland : 33mmcable gland suitable for the cablenulldiameter of 30mmcable dimenssions:27mm with armorednullover all diameter of 33mmgland dimension : entry thread withnullentry of 1 1/2~ inch withlength of 15mmacross flat :47mmacross corner:54mmnull
work on this contract consists of developing a plan, a schedule, and phasing for completion of the udf; including field services and data collection and conducting water valve assessment/exercising for this port-wide water system flushing program inaccordance with these specifications and requirements.
Tenders are invited for prepare preliminary design documentsincluding a design report for the electrical distribution system replacement project inaccordance with the dfd consultant policy and procedure manual.
Tenders are invited for qualified firms to provide consulting services for health insurance and related ancillary products inaccordance with the requirements of pcha and the u.