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Therefore inaccuracies may result from human error.
When asked to specify the inaccuracies the force press office later issued a second statement - this time wrongly claiming the oneyear-olds had been linked to sex offences.
Fafen clarified that inaccuracies in the data might have been due to human errors by volunteer citizen observers in transcribing numbers by hand from Statements of the Count late at night on polling day.
Mr Mallon said: "We have now proved this programme contained a number of inaccuracies about the town.
Psychotherapy as Religion sharply denounces psychotherapy as failing to provide sufficient scientific credibility that it is helpful for treating depression, anxiety, eating disorders, juvenile violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other ills, picking apart the inaccuracies and lack of rigorous professional standards in studies that attempt to show positive benefits from psychotherapeutic practice.
The Blade released in a statement, "Yesterday's letter from George Tanber contains inaccuracies, as did the anonymous letter he sent to Pulitzer.
Only you can identify and report inaccuracies on your report.
The student's feeling is not to be overlooked when dealing with inaccuracies.
The advice I was given when dealing with such situations because my natural inclination was to rebut the inaccuracies, and an axiom I continue to adhere to is this: Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk.
Other inaccuracies include the statement that there is no information on deposition of nanosized particles in the respiratory tract, and repeated misuse of terms such as "particulate" versus "particle.
Because this behavior is directly related to the viscosity of the fluid in which the particles are moving, inaccuracies in the measurement of viscosity translate directly into inaccuracies in particle size measurement.
TOWSON, MARYLAND, A credit analysis and management solutions provider, has launched CreditXpert Detective[TM], a tool for finding inaccuracies in credit files and acting on them.