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This entire process can take up to twelve days, during which time the emergency service has to wait for that inaccuracy to be corrected.
This proves beneficial effect of rubber pressure on decreasing inaccuracy after bending.
The co-editors reply: We regret the inaccuracy in the article, which arose from a misunderstanding in the reporting of the issue.
A related, though less well understood, challenge involves dealing with inventory record inaccuracy (IRI).
We have adopted a new approach, which is we do not leave any misstatement or inaccuracy unanswered.
The inaccuracy must be careless or deliberate or deliberate and concealed.
Councillors from the home town of Duncan Edwards were left red-faced yesterday after a glaring inaccuracy on a sympathy card from them suggested they weren't quite sure which anniversary of the Munich air disaster they were commemorating.
Obama pointed to coverage of his remarks about Reagan as an inaccuracy that hasn't been corrected.
Variation in process execution and technology leaves a company at risk of inaccuracy in procedures and audit controls.
"If you find an inaccuracy, maybe a wrong address or you paid a bill on time, but the record shows late payment, the first thing you should do is to go to the original creditor," she says.
The inaccuracy is in saying that Buddhism is theistic.