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In Symphony Bluelight, at the same time that the inaccuracy is identified and the candidate record is created, the emergency service can override the NLPG record so that the inaccuracy is instantly corrected.
The aim of experiments were study of possibility of rubber using for bending of selected materials STN 411321 and DP 450 and observation of rubber pressure influence on bend angle inaccuracy at small bend radius.
A penalty can also be charged where a person does not notify HMRC of an understated assessment or of an inaccuracy they discover after a document has been filed.
Love's letter, the sole inaccuracy in the column is that she has been promoted from cochair to chair of the board of directors of CCAL.
We identify forms of inaccuracy in survey responses (e.
After GLAAD's defamatory remarks were submitted to Salon, Minkowitz wrote GLAA and challenged them to name one inaccuracy in the piece.
According to the information the Commission has received, there may be inaccuracies and gaps in the environmental impact assessment made for the Drogenbos incinerator, which the competent authority declared to be in conformity (error in calculating the plant's nominal capacity, failure to assess the impact of carbon dioxide emissions, inaccuracy in the assessment of the transport and traffic implications, determination of fall-out of polluting substances on the basis of a model not taking account of the close proximity of the cooling tower of a neighbouring power station).
The US National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP)(3) provides physicians with explicit guidelines to interpret a patient's cholesterol values (a clinical criterion) and also provides laboratories with specifications for the imprecision and inaccuracy of their routine cholesterol methods (analytical criteria).
The researchers refer to this phenomenon as "motivated inaccuracy.
For most people, such inaccuracy is inconsequential, but for accountants who rely on the computer's clock when running timeand-billing, calendaring or personalinformation-manager software, such errors are more than inconvenient-- they can be a time bomb.
The easy-to-use interface with Interthinx enables our ProLender customers using DISSCO to avoid re-keying the loan information, reducing the time needed to process each loan and decreasing the margin for error or inaccuracy inherent in re-keying loan data multiple times.