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These recommendations define specifications for the imprecision and inaccuracy of the respective methods, the total analytical error that is allowable, and the medical decision values.
The penalty percentages are applied to the Potential Lost Revenue (PLR), the extra tax payable or not repayable, depending on the person's behaviour - whether the inaccuracy was careless, deliberate or deliberate and concealed.
Councillors from the home town of Duncan Edwards were left red-faced yesterday after a glaring inaccuracy on a sympathy card from them suggested they weren't quite sure which anniversary of the Munich air disaster they were commemorating.
Variation in process execution and technology leaves a company at risk of inaccuracy in procedures and audit controls.
To ask for an inaccuracy to be corrected, all you have to do is: Phone 0141 309 3000, email readers editor@dailyrecord.
To ask for an ask for an T inaccuracy to be corrected, all you have to do is: Email: paul.
Reading East Conservative MP Rob Wilson had written to the Trust's chairman Lord Patten asking whether it would be able to claw back any of the PS450,000 pay-off Mr Entwistle was given as a result of the inaccuracy initially given to the investigation sparked by the Jimmy Savile crisis.
The procedure that other gazetteer management systems on the market will use involves the emergency service identifying an inaccurac-y in the NLPG, at which point that inaccuracy will be sent to the National Hub as a candidate record.
Increasing the rubber pressure enables to observe its influence on bend angle inaccuracy.
I write to express my concern about a factual inaccuracy in the article "Nursing jobs squeezed" in the September 2010 issue of Kai Tiaki Nursing Zealand (p7).
It simply did not happen and Her Majesty questioned the need for such a dramatic inaccuracy.