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A portion of the letter from SEC said a directive was issued to 'correct the inaccurate and misleading information' regarding PSE's disclosure posted on February 26, 2018 indicated as a press release and entitled 'PSE signs agreement ensuring reduction in Exchange broker ownership.
Inaccurate translations have created a buzz on social media networks by some of the passengers.
BEIRUT: The Change and Reform bloc leader Tuesday dismissed statements attributed to him in the media as being inaccurate and fabricated.
We are at loss that despite our efforts to service our customers, certain reports were published that were inaccurate and created a negative image of the bank," NBP spokesman Syed Ibn-e-Hassan said in a statement.
Require contracting officers to request a limited-scope audit, unless a full-scope audit is appropriate under the circumstances, when a contractor voluntarily discloses inaccurate or otherwise defective pricing after contract award;
State Department, Jennifer Bsaki said at a news conference, in Washington, regarding Al-Malki's offensive against the Kingdom is clearly hostile and inaccurate, accusing Al-Malki on fanning the flames of sectarianism in Iraq.
Determined by their pocket pressure and accuracy ratings, QBs now throw a number of inaccurate passes, with the level of accuracy ranging from "very inaccurate" to "perfect.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-February 11, 2014-Reporting watchdog IFRS delivers late and inaccurate reports
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 11, 2014-Reporting watchdog IFRS delivers late and inaccurate reports
PATIENTS could be being put at risk by inaccurate hospital weighing scales, according to a report out today from trading standards officers.
ENERGY firms are the worst offenders for sending inaccurate bills, say their customers.
ENERGY firms are the worst offenders when it comes to sending inaccurate bills, a customer poll revealed today.