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It might therefore be tempting to say that those who make the case for inaction most often (or even always) have the facts (and justice) on their side.
National Ombudsman Konstantin Penchev has accused the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) of inaction in the case of troubled Commercial Corporate Bank (KTB).
Unchecked inaction fuels an imbalanced political structure that endows the modern executive with more power to change the scope of government than the Framers--or even the architects of the New Deal--ever imagined.
A special motion was also passed to express "grave concern at the inaction of the HSE in the face of illegal and dangerously long working hours which has a detrimental effect on doctors and patients alike".
I wish to thank you for assuring a prompt and impartial investigation of Police inaction at the Grandpass if evidentiary material is placed at your disposal.
When Valerian questioned the cops about their inaction, the they threatened Valerian instead.
The findings of the report confirm that the cost of government inaction on the social determinants of health, leading to health inequalities for the most disadvantaged Australians of working age, is substantial.
A second experiment also primed participants with action and inaction words and then tested their impulse control on a simple computer game.
If the problem has not been experienced before, the public is not convinced of the potential costs of inaction.
We are dismayed and angered by the rogue priests' actions, but angered even more by the inaction and in some cases outright lying by the hierarchy.
Iraq: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was due to make a rare appearance before Iraq s parliament on Saturday to push for slashing the size of a national unity government that critics charge with inaction.