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25 kGy was able to inactivate more than 2 log10 of Salmonella spp.
There is no doubt that HPP represents another promising dimension for food processing, not only because it inactivates microorganisms but also because it provides opportunities for the development of new value-added food products.
Pressures exceeding 1200 MPa may be required to inactivate them.
The drawback, however, is that aspirin also inactivates cyclooxygenase-1 (COX-1), a related enzyme that produces prostaglandins, substances necessary for normal tissue function.
In the 1960s, geneticists discovered that female mammalian embryos randomly inactivate one of their X chromosomes.
To thwart this death spiral, infectious disease specialists and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are working to develop compounds to sop up or inactivate bits of partially destroyed bacteria that can keep the body battling and already eradicated infection.
Making matters more complicated, a single imprinting gene may inactivate several different genes, including a wide variety of cancer-suppressor genes, says Sapienza.
It means that if one is to make a vaccine, you have to inactivate the function of the envelope protein that kills the cells," says Garry.