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A dose of 2 mJ/cm[sup.2] of 222-nm light was able to inactivate more than 95 percent of aerosolized H1N1 influenza virus.
No inactivation data specific for Zika virus are available (9); consequently, disinfection guidelines are based on protocols to inactivate other flaviviruses.
2003), can selectively inactivate Ape1 repair activity in vitro (Figure 2), with I[C.sub.50] (half-maximal inhibitory concentration) values of 26, 1.0, and 0.61 [micro]M, respectively.
They also make it possible to inactivate the bacteria by using lower irradiation doses.
All the newly developed methods inactivate West Nile virus.
The sequential application of certain food processing treatments, including heat pasteurization, acidification, high pressure and bacteriocins--and E-beam technology--allows us to use lower irradiation doses to inactivate the bacteria.
There is no doubt that HPP represents another promising dimension for food processing, not only because it inactivates microorganisms but also because it provides opportunities for the development of new value-added food products.
APHS appears to inactivate COX-2 in a different way than other inhibitors do, they report in the May 22 Science.
The finding builds on previous research, done in collaboration with scientists at Wayne State University in Detroit, that isolated a derivative of bergamottin and found that it inactivates the enzyme.
In its latest report, Garavito's team used X-ray crystallography to show exactly how bromo-aspirin, a slight variation of the pure form, binds to and inactivates PGHS-1.