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2003), can selectively inactivate Ape1 repair activity in vitro (Figure 2), with I[C.
They also make it possible to inactivate the bacteria by using lower irradiation doses.
All the newly developed methods inactivate West Nile virus.
Good food manufacturing practices and proper sanitation can reduce microbial contamination, and this also makes it possible to inactivate bacteria using lower irradiation doses.
Though it is less effective in the presence of fat, which acts as a protective layer, it can retain the freshness of jams and fruit and vegetable juices; extend the shelf life of white and red grape musts; inactivate enzymes, such as polyphenol oxidase (PPO) in guava puree; and inactivate bacterial spores when used with heat.
In the 1960s, geneticists discovered that female mammalian embryos randomly inactivate one of their X chromosomes.
To thwart this death spiral, infectious disease specialists and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are working to develop compounds to sop up or inactivate bits of partially destroyed bacteria that can keep the body battling and already eradicated infection.