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For the lowest [[sigma].sub.N] (Figure 1(a)), the inactivation does not exceed 2% and, in some cases, assumes negative values, indicating an increase of the mean firing frequency instead of a reduction.
Therefore, a standard deviation of 10 mV is necessary for the GWN to induce an inactivation from 26 to 53% in acoustic fibers whose Ranvier nodes are larger than 11 [micro][m.sup.2].
Figure 2(a) shows the inactivation versus the bias current density for the larger patch area (best case) and an applied CW at 25 kHz and amplitude equal to 1.73, 5, or 10 mV.
The effect becomes considerable for the 10 mV signal, when the inactivation is equal to 18% for [I.sub.0]=10 [micro]A/[cm.sup.2] and reaches a maximum of 35% for [I.sub.0]=6 [micro]A/[cm.sup.2].