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The patent, which has been assigned the US Patent Application Serial Number 14/340,749, claims a method of treating Tourette's Disorder using the entire class of GABA-aminotransferase inactivators, including CPP-115 and vigabatrin (marketed in the US by Lundbeck as Sabril).
In addition, some members of the Solanaceae family, which include tobacco, contain chemical(s) that were amongst the strongest inactivators of nNOS.
Legaz ME, Vicente C (1983) Endogenous inactivators of arginase, arginine decarboxylase and agmatine amidinohydrolase in Evernia prunastri thallus.
The steroidal inactivators exemestane and formestane inhibited aromatase activity at all concentrations tested.
Enzyme Reaction Mechanisms; Reversible Modes of Inhibitor Interactions with Enzymes; Assay Considerations for Compound Library Screening; Lead Optimization and Structure-Activity Relationships for Reversible Inhibitors; Slow Binding Inhibitors; Tight Binding Inhibitors; and Irreversible Enzyme Inactivators.
Aromatase inhibitors and inactivators are known to decrease estradiol levels.
Recent studies have shown that all third-generation aromatase inhibitors or inactivators increase bone resorption," the investigators said, adding that they are conducting a substudy to determine the degree of bone mineral loss in patients who switched to exemestane.