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It stems from the misconception that making a decision to actively do something is qualitatively different from making a decision which inactively allows something to occur (55).
This visual and auditory contrast triggers an eerie feeling in the viewers, forced to come to terms with this contradictory depiction and contrasting emotional registers; furthermore, we can read in the depiction of these white "Australians-at-their-leisure" a direct criticism of the many sympathetic whites who inactively observed the abuses of Aboriginal children, men, and women, in order not to shake their economic, social, cultural, and racial privileges.
For fatalists, time is passively or inactively viewed and experienced.
Worth mentioning there are more than 45 stocks traded inactively thought the OTC.
If a firm is acting as a manager or co-manager of a securities offer- ing it may not issue a report within forty days of initial public offering, or ten days after secondary offering for an inactively traded firm.
Shares of firms that are not actively traded are often priced by finding an actively traded firm with similar risk, profitability, and investment opportunity characteristics and multiplying the actively traded firm's P/E ratio by the inactively traded firm's earnings.
By punishing plaintiffs, but not defendants, for their inaction, the rule promotes inactivity on the part of defendants (Rather than moving cases forward and setting their cases for trial, defendants are encouraged to wait inactively for one year and then move to dismiss for failure to prosecute just one day after the last recognized record activity took place.
Not only is the new film named for the erudite cannibal, but while he's gallivanting around the beautiful backdrop of Florence for much of the picture's first half, she's stuck in a cramped FBI basement inactively watching computer monitors.
Apparently, many are dissuaded or pressured both actively by their bosses and peers or inactively by the prescribed role model which they are expected to portray or to which they are expected to conform.