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The bond beta, which serves as both the proxy for the inactively traded portfolio beta and a component of the actively traded portfolio beta, reached abnormally high levels and effectively drove estimates of market underwriting betas lower during the second period.
Russian Eurobonds traded very inactively, and the quotes of the majority of loans did not change.
In the post-Suharto era state gender ideologies and the prohibition of polygamy inactively enter the fields of discourse for young women with whom I lived at the pesantren (except for women married to state employees).
Russian Eurobonds started the week inactively and with no clearprice dynamics
Russian Eurobonds traded rather inactively while there were no domestic investors.
Trade went inactively in the Eurobonds and the quotes of the sovereign loans did not change.
In the Russian Eurobonds, the trade went inactively due toAmerican grounds being closed
In the corporate segment, the trade went inactively.
Russian Eurobonds began the week inactively, waiting for somecertainty on Europe.