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That same inactiveness, Trump explained, is causing Bush to come up so low in the public opinion polls.
Talking to The Nation, locals flayed inactiveness of the municipal committee (MC), alleging the MC higher-ups are busy 'making their commissions' in different development projects.
He acknowledged that the loss of credibility and many of the economic problems in Cyprus were caused by years of inactiveness, delays, and procrastination.
Students, officer workers and people going to offer prayer clean clothes also get dirty because carelessness and inactiveness of authorities.
They said that in case of inactiveness of the government sit-ins will be held in front of Governor House, CM House and Sindh Police headquarter.
PAC while expressing concerns over inactiveness of police during raid incidents of residences of MNAs Hamid Yar Haraj, Riaz Fatyana and Zahid Iqbal and summoned IGP Punjab to explain the state of affairs before the House.
When the reason of inactiveness in the labour market is analysed, it is observed that high percentage of household heads are either have poor health.