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If all the work to correct these issues was done at once, the 295 billion cost involved in removing housing inadequacies in the EU would be paid back via direct medical savings, and indirect savings and efficiency gains, in 18 months.
The next point of clarification regards the difference between inadequacies and deficiencies.
Our policemen take a lot of stick but on this occasion my sympathy lies with the two officers whose hearts were in the right place but whose compassion and common sense were thwarted at every turn by red-tape, bureaucracy and the inadequacies of what we jokingly call social services.
Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man said a stress test covering the period before and after the early October Golden Week highlighted inadequacies in the infant formula supply chain, despite a limit on the number of tins that people can take outside Hong Kong.
These people turn off their brains and pay homage to half-baked philosophies based on nothing more than their own inadequacies and insecurities.
In this installment in the Star Trek Lost Era series which describe the events between the original Star Trek television series and The Next Generation series, we follow the exploits of Will Riker at Starfleet Academy and in his first posting on the USS Pegasus as well as the exploits of his estranged father, Kyle Piker We get a new look at Kyle as he wrestles with his inadequacies as a father while trying to stay alive in the face of determined assassination attempts.
These inadequacies hurt both the companies and the analysts that follow them, Parson argues, because "without accurate information, analysts cannot make sound assessments of company performance.
OTTAWA -- Auditor-General Sheila Fraser reported inadequacies in the federal government's handling of social programs.
Typically, the disclosure inadequacies fall into one of five areas:
You have to hand it to Wolfson for avoiding the usual litany of press inadequacies that make up most books about news coverage.