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This objectification of culture helps people to perceive its inadequacies, its limitation, its faults--and once they uncover them, people do try to eliminate those faults.
After previously working as a control systems designer for an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based vehicle wash manufacturer, Koro saw inadequacies in their fleet-based systems, which they were selling on the commercial market with limited success.
This work highlights the inadequacies of the various systems and makes specific recommendations for improvement.
In light of the definitions, the evaluators assign strengths, inadequacies, and deficiencies in the area of mission capability at the subfactor level.
The hospital is saying it happened because of "system inadequacies".
Such a relationship not only rationalizes the recourse to writing text; it is one of the reasons why a language-based or propositional art (Bochner, above all) could emerge roughly in tandem with work by artists such as Andre or Serra, which is in its means and its content radically phenomenological--and it accounts for Nauman's work, which is both: The two tendencies together were conditioned by the premise that physical (even existential) experience is structured or occasioned by the very inadequacies of language or speech, along with other systems, as forms of symbolic expression.
10] Parson Consulting to the effect that many companies miss analyst earnings forecasts and that this indicates "inadequacies in their [the company's] financial management processes and systems that trigger faulty forecasting." This implies that if analysts forecast $1.00 per share for the quarter, and the company comes in at $.90, the company is doing something wrong.
The court held that the sheriff was not subject to liability under [section] 1983 as a result of the inmate's death, but only to the extent that jail inadequacies were the result of the facility's design, rather than inadequacies in the facility's day-to-day maintenance.
Henry Kamen turns to minority cultures, marginal mentalities, which, though they could not figure significantly in Braudel's macro-historical scheme, are essential to a "world perspective." Mark's Elvin's essay employs Braudel's categories but concentrates mainly on the inadequacies of his largely uninformed and evasive views on China both in the The Mediterraneam and in later works.
Once again, we hear a tale of woeful inadequacies in a system designed to care for the vulnerable but which is failed time and again by human error.
Despite their inadequacies, most of the people Eddie encounters see the boy's potential.