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Key words: Epilepsy, Seizures, Feelings of inadequacy, Suicidal ideation.
Vitamin D inadequacy may represent an underrecognized source of nociception and impaired neuromuscular functioning among patients with chronic pain," he said.
The obvious inadequacy of digital records and practices is surfacing in criminal cases, too.
I think the attempt to defend belief can unsettle it, in fact, because there is always an inadequacy in argument about ultimate things .
No amount of rational thinking about my level of accomplishment could contain the feeling of inadequacy.
Parenting Without Guilt: How Mothers Can Break Free From Feelings Of Inadequacy by Christian psychologist, public speaker, wife and mother Julianna Slattery directly addresses the all to common pangs of guilt that plague even the most conscientious mother when it comes to raising children in today's secular values dominated culture--including the necessity for most mothers to be out of the home earning wages from employment.
Reminding the reader of the inadequacy of spell checkers, he writes, "They cannot sea misspellings that our other words and thus can't save you're hide.
Leibowitz, Landers, and the rest are marked by their ability to translate inadequacy into art, throwing the previous decade's slick critiques of modern mastery into harsh relief.
When the subject of the inadequacy of the Catholic schools is raised with good priests, the answer is: "The parents are responsible for teaching their children.
This capability does not meet the weight requirement and thus should not be acceptable, but the trade-off is such that we have an inadequacy rather than a deficiency.
Ladou (2004) rightly points to the inadequacy of international organizations such as the International Labour Office (ILO) and the World Health Organization in addressing the worldwide problem that asbestos poses for public health.