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The key areas of safe, effective and well led are rated inadequate and the responsive and caring are rated requires improvement.
The other three Phase 3 clinical trials will begin enrollment in early 2016 and will include patients with an inadequate response to biologics and patients who are MTX-naive.
3% - are rated as satisfactory/requires improvement or inadequate, way above the England average of 23.
Pupils' progress in all key subjects for all groups across the school remains inadequate.
Inadequate sleep--less than six hours a day--impacts secretion of the signal hormones ghrelin, which increases appetite, and leptin, which indicates when the body is satiated.
The report highlights that inadequate sanitation causes Pakistan economic losses totaling US$ 5.
Data for the whole of the academic year 2009/10 show that eight percent of schools inspected were found to be inadequate, 37% were satisfactory, 43% were good and 13% were outstanding.
They show that the number of schools deemed not good enough - rated either inadequate or satisfactory - has rocketed since Ofsted introduced the new-style inspections.
It is shocking that so many of these reviews were found to be inadequate.
Women with no prenatal care or inadequate prenatal care are usually younger and unmarried, have lower education and have had more births.
The link between inadequate health literacy and lower likelihood of being referred for transplant evaluation may be due to various factors, the researchers said.
In previous studies, inadequate levels of vitamin D have been associated with medication-refractory musculoskeletal pain and neuromuscular dysfunction.