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The result of this inadequately planned computer systems changeover has obviously been a complete collapse of both newly programmed on-line systems and a loss of command and control of cash flow.
A multi-pronged attack by the OIG (the criminal ramifications) and the Service {exempt status and employment tax issues) may force an inadequately prepared taxpayer to concede some issues at the expense of litigating others.
But NEA says many can't afford to spend this much on fuel bills and face falling into debt with their energy supplier, or spending the winter in a cold, inadequately heated home or cutting back on other essentials such as food and clothing.
Among other things, the study showed that when oncology nurses who considered their units inadequately staffed were compared with oncology nurses who considered their units adequately staffed:
With 37 million Americans currently not covered by health insurance and millions more inadequately insured and the costs of health care delivery rising at more than five times the rate of inflation, we believe fundamental change in the system is urgently needed.
Unique products addressing major, inadequately served markets
Sand and Gravel had been cited numerous times over the past two years for inadequately containing its fuel storage area and for allowing runoff from mining operations and truck washing to enter nearby drainage from its mine on Grimes Canyon Road, EPA spokesman Francisco Arcaute said.
The company has also retained a financial consultant to (1) institute new procedures to insure that accounts receivable are closely monitored in the future, (2) assist in staffing the company's bookkeeping group with experienced personnel, subject to overall guidance from the new accounting firm, (3) supervise the integration of company's new hand-held computer system with its internal bookkeeping, and (4) inaugurate a program for recovering receivables that the accountants have determined to be inadequately documented.
The remaining $354,768 consists of unsupported and inadequately supported payroll expenditures, vehicle and travel-related costs and a number of credit card purchases that appear to be personal in nature, auditors wrote.
David Wright (D-Clarion/Armstrong) today introduced legislation designed to protect women receiving mammograms from faulty equipment and inadequately trained technicians.
Few options exist for patients who inadequately respond to anti-TNF therapy," said abstract lead author and presenter Stanley B.
Because dismissal was proper, the appellate justices said they did not review Beard-Williams' other allegations, including charges that the judge was biased against her and made errors in court, that her own attorney inadequately represented her and that the school district's attorney intentionally mischaracterized issues in court.