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Whether our behaviour can be approved of or not depends on the adequateness or inadequateness of affection in relation to its object.
For the Reader cannot be too often reminded that Poetry is passion: it is the history or science of feelings; now every man must know that an attempt is rarely made to communicate impassioned feelings without something of an accompanying consciousness of the inadequateness of our own powers or the deficiencies of language.
1 by Mansfield on the inadequateness of current conceptions of cultural politics for the debates on climate change, or the call for the 'the pluralisation of democracy over the liberal project to protect democracy through normative principles' by Chambers and Finlayson, or Ganter's critique in Issue 7.
The inadequateness of considering a franchising agreement simply as a commercial contract regulating the transfer of a right to use a brand against royalties is all the more evident.
The sources of the unavoidable inaccuracy are three: "the indistinctness of the object, imperfection of the organ of perception, and the inadequateness of the vehicle of ideas" (Federalist #37).