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That which, according to established legal principles, cannot be received into evidence at a trial for consideration by the jury or judge in reaching a determination of the action.

Evidence, for example, that is obtained as a result of an unlawful Search and Seizure is inadmissible, as is Hearsay.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

INADMISSIBLE. What cannot be received. Parol evidence, for example, is inadmissible to contradict a written agreement.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The PM provides some hypothetical examples where the claimed hardship would be considered normal or a "common consequence of relocation," as opposed to being "extreme." Many people, when faced with having to file a waiver of inadmissibility, do it on his or her own, rather than seeking the advice or guidance of an attorney.
Like Virk, Gulati and the mother from Mohali, hundreds of Indians applying for Canadian status stand to benefit from the changes to the medical inadmissibility provision recently approved in Ottawa.
These are entered into state decision-making about the person's inadmissibility to Canada.
The priority dates of these visa petitions must be current which means that there is an available visa and that the beneficiary does not have any other ground of inadmissibility other than being 'out of status'.
An individual seeking refugee status in Canada may be denied protection on the basis of alleged criminality through one of two distinct processes: (1) it may be found that she is not entitled to even present her claim for refugee protection as a result of criminal inadmissibility; (3) or (2) the decision maker hearing her refugee claim may find that she is excluded from refugee protection because she is captured by Article 1(F) of the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees (4) (Refugee Convention).
The legal expert, Tareq Harb had confirmed the inadmissibility of merging the budgets of two-year budget in one , , but they can be legislated in one time in the new parliament as long as there is a law for every budget ./ End
"I stressed the inadmissibility of the status-quo at the meeting", Minister Mammadyarov told journalists, APA reports.
The Russian leader "pointed out that the sharp escalation of the crisis is the result of Kiev's irresponsible policy, which disregards the lawful rights and interests of the country's Russian-speaking citizens." He stressed "the inadmissibility of the current regime's use of armed force to suppress public protests in southeastern Ukraine."
He added: "An alien found inadmissible will need a waiver of inadmissibility. Depending on the basis of their refusal they may be eligible to apply in advance of travel for a temporary waiver of inadmissibility.
The bill is aimed at providing discretionary authority to judges and Department of Homeland Security officials when the person who is in deportation, ineligibility or inadmissibility proceedings is an immediate family member of a U.S.
Each chapter begins with a rule of evidence from the Federal Rules of Evidence, then deconstructs its language and discusses the factors that determine admissibility from inadmissibility. About 25 pages of appendices present the Federal Rules of Evidence.