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Finally, some reports have indicated that very high ESP scores may be found when persons with special facility for creatively consulting inner inadvertencies (such as professional artists or trained meditators) are observed to be approaching their task in measurably more creative ways (Carpenter, 2001, 2005; Watt, 1996).
Because psi processes are presumed to be active all the time and their typical expression is in the form of inadvertencies, more study should be done to elucidate the functioning of psi in situations in which persons are carrying on "normal" activities and not attempting to express some paranormal effect.
He is just arriv'd at those Years," the narrator says, "which look back with Shame on the Inadvertencies of Youth, and far from those which threaten a Decay of Vigour and Understanding" (10).
8) The tendency "toward" a potential meaning will lead to allusions-toward that meaning and will tend to result in a psi-hitting event if the proper inadvertencies are interpreted in the proper ways.
Such sustained confusion and a sense of ineffable, implicit meaning do appear to result in the person's consulting inadvertencies and trying to wrest meaning from them.