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I think - I don't know and I will ask them - but if there's an inadvertent whistle, you need to stop them and not let them have the two points where the other team will even dunk because it's a game-changer,' he said.
And through this journey of self-discovery, food became the inadvertent star of the novel, 'Eat, Pray, Love'.
An inadvertent return is a chief environmental concern linked with pipeline boring.
The corporation must be able to demonstrate that the termination was inadvertent.
Terminations can be voluntary or involuntary; however, inadvertent involuntary terminations should be addressed immediately upon discovery.
e) Prisoners involved in minor offences like violation of Foreigners' Act, visa violation and inadvertent border crossing deserve compassion from both the sides;
37) This error is particularly common because there is no consensus among the circuits as to when inadvertent disclosure automatically results in waiver of privilege.
I repaid the money as soon as this was drawn to my attention and although this was an inadvertent administrative error, I unreservedly apologise for the mistake.
In many instances, inadvertent production of privileged documents has triggered court orders that all privileged documents must be produced.
An unexpected finding of this survey was that 13 hospitals reported inadvertent overdoses due to errors in dilution.
Whereas clinicians rightly worry about inadvertent respiratory placement of a blindly inserted tube, they also should consider whether the tube is properly positioned in the patient's gastrointestinal tract.