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On his release, he embraced me with the utmost fervour; and made an entry of the transaction in his pocket-book - being very particular, I recollect, about a halfpenny I inadvertently omitted from my statement of the total.
"I beg pardon--Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children--I must apologize, I had inadvertently omitted a considerable section of this audience" (tumult, during which the Professor stood with one hand raised and his enormous head nodding sympathetically, as if he were bestowing a pontifical blessing upon the crowd), "I have been selected to move a vote of thanks to Mr.
But as you, though inadvertently and without intending so unreasonable a question, asked me 'what for?' let me reply to you.
In the mean time, if I have inadvertently offended you, I ask your pardon--and I wish you good-evening."
Mr Pluck, after feigning to be in a condition of great embarrassment for some minutes, resumed the conversation by entreating Mrs Nickleby to take no heed of what he had inadvertently said--to consider him imprudent, rash, injudicious.
Inglethorp may have inadvertently taken an overdose?"
"Excuse me," said Margaret's young man, who had for some time been preparing a sentence, "but that lady has, quite inadvertently, taken my umbrella."
'I am afraid I have inadvertently touched upon a tender theme.'
Occasionally, when there was some more than usually interesting inquest upon a parish child who had been overlooked in turning up a bedstead, or inadvertently scalded to death when there happened to be a washing--though the latter accident was very scarce, anything approaching to a washing being of rare occurance in the farm--the jury would take it into their heads to ask troublesome questions, or the parishioners would rebelliously affix their signatures to a remonstrance.
He had indeed since that moment undergone an agitation so extraordinary that it might have muddled for him any earlier view; and he tried to convince himself that he might perhaps then have gone into the room and, inadvertently, automatically, on coming out, have drawn the door after him.
Summary: California[USA], August 7 (ANI): Twitter admitted today that an issue with the users' ad settings may have resulted in certain data getting inadvertently shared with third parties.
Traveler yields missing' cell phone at NAIA !-- -- Rudy Santos (The Philippine Star) - February 3, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines A traveler returned a cell phone he had "inadvertently" taken at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 4 (NAIA-4) after he was accosted by airport authorities.