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After assessing the machines, which had been in service for many years, IWM's experts concluded that they were close to the end of their useful lives, and that spending any significant amount of money on upgrading them was inadvisable.
Tuna is rich in protein which is inadvisable for kidney disease but may be useful in diabetes, so it is very important to get your cat checked out as all these conditions require treatment.
This combination of front and rear parking sensors also includes the parking space 'gap' measurement system -- which scans the necessary spaces before telling one whether the parking maneuver is possible, difficult or inadvisable.
It's inadvisable to build a menu plan based on what is easiest to buy and sell, experts advise.
I BELIEVE it would be inadvisable to offer sleeping accommodation in Llandaff Cathedral to the so-called Occupy protesters.
There are clear signs that liquidity conditions in the banking system are very tight, and the situation indicates that any further (credit) tightening is inadvisable,' he said.
Europe, which has a stake in this, should say to the Greek Cypriot authorities that it is inadvisable to raise the stakes, because they are raising the stakes.
In its "travel advice" posted on its website, the Ministry said, on Saturday, that "stays on the coastal areas and in the island of Djerba are no longer inadvisable.
Travel to Djerba and seaside resorts, as well as to Tunis, are not inadvisable any longer against," the group underlines in a communique.
Due to the harsh climate in Bahrain, it is totally inadvisable to keep a rabbit outside.
However, the snow meant travel to the three hospitals and centres he needed to attend for the tests was inadvisable, and his appointments were postponed until Thursday.
The use of magnetic resonance imaging -or MRI scans - on patients who are not suffering from an advanced form of the disease may be inadvisable, research suggested.