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virgatus Paulson, 1875; and Porcellana inaequalis (Heller, 1861) now placed in the genus Pisidia Leach, 1820.
(25) L'evidente limite soggiacente alla concezione della societas inaequalis era di relegare il popolo cristiano (plebi) in una perenne condizione di minorita e subordinazione (coetus oboediens et serviens).
Individuals preselected in this phase were grafted on M-9 rootstock for evaluation of sprouting capacity, resistance to diseases such as apple scab (Venturia inaequalis) and GLS, fruit set and fruit quality, each individual being represented by one plant in experimental orchard installed at the Epagri Experimental Station of Cacador, SC, whose evaluations were carried out between 2004 and 2009.
Orobanchaceae Neobartsia bartsioides h -- (Hook.) Edwin Neobartsia diffusa h -- (Benth.) Uribe-Convers & Tank Neobartsia elongata h -- (Wedd.) Uribe-Convers & Tank Neobartsia fiebrigii h -- (Diels) Uribe-Convers & Tank Neobartsia inaequalis h -- (Benth.) Uribe-Convers & Tank Neobartsia pedicularoides h -- (Benth.) Uribe-Convers & Tank Castilleja pumila h -- (Benth.) Wedd.
A wound- and ethephon-inducible PR-10 gene subclass from apple is differentially expressed during infection with a compatible and an incompatible race of Venturia inaequalis. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 62: 3-12.
biguttatus, Hydroglyphus geminus, Hydroporus transgradiens, Hygrotus inaequalis, Scarodytes halensis and Laccophilus hyalinus were the most widespread species found in our study area.
inaequalis Wood, 1956, Hypothenemus brunneus (Hopkins), 1915, Monarthrum robustum (Schedl), 1966, Pycnarthrum hispidum (Ferrari), 1867, Sampsonius mexicanus Bright, 1991 y Tesserocerus dewalquei Chapuis, 1865 estuvieron representadas por un solo ejemplar.
Se han encontrado resultados positivos del uso de tes para el combate de patogenos como Botrytis cinerea, Pythium ultimum, Venturia inaequalis, Alternaria solani, Verticillium dahliae, Sphaeroteca pannosa, Phytophthora infestans, P.
Apple scab, caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis, is one of the most destructive diseases of apples throughout the world, causing up to 80% loss in yield without chemical intervention, which could include multiple classes of fungicides applied up to 22 times during the growing season [1].
[[dagger], [double dagger]] Clavaria inaequalis O.F.