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INALTERABLE opposition to projects in the North East is what generations of people from this part of the world have come to expect within Whitehall.
En este sentido, cabe indicar que el interes por la influencia y relacion de la variable sexo y el TDHA ha permanecido inalterable desde el comienzo de los estudios cientificos sobre el tema.
At worst, the current legal uncertainty emboldens terrorists because, while humanitarian law belongs to the armed forces of the world and imposes an inalterable professional obligation, the legal lacunae permit terrorist information operations to make it into a media tool to be manipulated and sensationalized.
one time having an incurable disease was an inalterable misfortune; now
42) de Jasay: Liberalism, loose or strict: "Socialism appears in many guises, but all its versions have at least one common, inalterable feature, namely the insistence that all wealth is created by society, not by individual members of it.
Trial counsel should transmit their initial draft to defense counsel for review and negotiation in an inalterable format, such as hardcopy or Portable Document Format (.
His argument that scarcity is an inalterable condition sounds much like the poor will always be with us.
En La Estructura ausente (Eco y Cantarell, 1978), Umberto Eco dice que el estudio de la comunicacion de masas se propone un objeto unitario en la medida en que postula que la industrializacion de la comunicacion ha de cambiar, no solamente las condiciones de recepcion y emision del mensaje, sino tambien el propio sentido del mensaje (es decir aquella masa de significados que se creia que era una parte inalterable del mensaje, tal como lo habia pensado el autor, independientemente de sus modos de difusion).
Ademas, el 58% (53% en Norteamerica, 81% en otros lugares) preveia que la economia permaneceria inalterable o empeoraria en un par de anos.
Dante also tells us that the grammatical language, such as Latin and/or Greek, is indispensable because it contains a speech identity which is inalterable through times and places Cgramatica nichil aliud est quam quedam inalterabilis locutionis ydemptitas diversis temporibus atque loci", 1.
The bishop's words of prayer implicitly called for religious renewal in Mexico: "Oh Most Holy Mother, Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, Ark of the Divine Mexican Covenant, grant that through you and under your protection the Mexican Republic will be ever fortunate to remain and live each day more constant and firm in inalterable faith in Christ.