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We are inalterably committed to working at all levels--national, regional, and global--to ensure that the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration are protected and respected.
The reports of his trial, conviction, and execution stand against him as inalterably as the crime presumes to speak in his favour.
Advocates of traditional public sociology, such as Pierre Bourdieu, insist on the superiority of academic knowledge and the inalterably deep falseness of common sense.
Peterson is inalterably opposed to any effort to cut support for farmers, and claims that that farmers did not contribute to the budget shortfall.
beer market, as everyone strives to do business in a landscape that has been inalterably changed.
It would be the cru-ellest coincidence of Chapman's life that the man who would so inalterably damage her existence lived down the street.
By that point, however, much of the district's housing stock had been inalterably transformed and irretrievably worn down by the masses of humanity it had been made to shelter.
They are in the same position, in need of each other but inalterably separated.
Fortunately, I am recovering, even as the epidemic inalterably spreads.
It is a figure for the ghostly process of memory itself, the way the past shadows the present, inalterably different yet inextricably entangled.
8) Indeed, it was something of a matter of faith in many city forces that citizens were inalterably opposed to the police, and therefore would never cooperate regardless of what the police did.
The compass bearing was inalterably set for a secular republic, where religion could not be abolished or ever be lawfully established.