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Reprinted with permission from the INANE "Predatory Publishing Practices" Collaborative.
As had been the case when Daniel Buren clad museum guards in striped vests in Eindhoven in 1981, a work that clearly served as a point of departure for Sehgal's Venetian farce, the artist employs the guards of the German pavilion to perform inane gesticulations and to enunciate debilities such as "This is so contemporary.
Will Channel Four be able to pick the usual, inane mix of people?
as just a collection of inane race jokes, compiled for shock value, but that would be scratching the surface.
With tips ranging from how to make friends in the media to how to use the Internet to publicize a product, some of the most inane ideas presented just may work.
I agreed wholeheartedly with "Bread and Circuses" by Steve Bonta until I came to the words: "This is why inane claims seeking to elevate pornographic pictures and obscene song lyrics to the level of First Amendment-protected 'free speech' are so widely accepted" (THE NEW AMERICAN, February 10th issue).
Devour more than 300 pages of lists that include inane info, as well as facts you need to know.
Almost single-handedly redefining how bad radio could be, the duo's bathroom jokes, sexual topics and inane comments bored listeners, angered some advertisers and even prompted a brief suspension.
Stardom lets us look at this world of appearances, laugh at the inane chat that we endure from our TVs and asks us to think about why we are so drawn to beauty and to fashion.
Sideline reporters do nothing but clutter the action, provide inane questions to receive similarly inane and cliche-ridden answers and taking time that prevents professionals from adding real analysis.
Though Jacoby grossly underestimated the right's capacity to contain the left within higher education, essentially conflated postmodernists with the left as a whole, and virtually ignored other progressive currents, he diagnosed spreading afflictions, like inane writing, excessive theorizing, and self-promotion.
Take the popular Harrison Ford movie The Fugitive, throw in dashes of Mission: Impossible, Titanic and Casablanca, add liberal doses of Leslie Nielson and cram in as many inane one-liners and visual gags as time will allow.