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VILLAINS OF THE WEEK Nile Ranger ANOTHER week, another court case - all compounded by more inanities on Twitter.
Always a lovely break from the inanities of Latvian politics .
In the last week alone, I've been tearing out my hair while dippy presenters quiz traffic reporters on inanities as diverse as how to bake the perfect muffins, their thoughts on Cameron's Big Society, whether teachers should be allowed to strike and whether Robbie Williams swears too much to be in Take That.
Across the towns, villages and hamlets of the UK, married women will have been rejoicing at the lack of a major football tournament this summer and were no doubt relishing the notion of three glorious months without Paul Merson screeching inanities into their living room each Saturday.
At first she shows too much restraint but then her soulful, sassy voice finally kicks and the song becomes a rousing wake-up for those not imprisoned by a tyrannical rule but those inundated with the inanities of instant messaging, instant celebrity and a false sense of entitlement.
A collective advert for staying single, the script is littered with turgid inanities about staying strong and going the distance.
There's a woman presenter on it who keeps screaming inanities, while grimacing horribly.
Despite his hops, skips and whimsical tone, Bakalar avoids inanities.
Let's hope he ditches the inanities and dons the apron next week.
Forget high-powered business calls, mid-air mobiles will just mean high-flying inanities.
The final chapter, on the current debate over the building, is one of the best this reviewer has read: the inanities of those such as Neil, Lord Kinnock, are shown for the sorry stuff they are.
Anderson describes well the confusions and inanities that stem from federal litigation, and he grapples with the problem of defining race in our modern, polychromatic society.