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Fines are common for unwise comments about referees, the FA, opponents - football-related inanity aimed at people who live 140-character lives through 140-character mindless chunks from "celebrities".
It seems to sum up perfectly the tedious, pointless inanity of life.
The severe inanity of this statement is an indictment and a discrediting of her ridiculous but often repeated views.
With fellow travelers lulled by their books, their naps, their thoughts or their television shows hooked to headphones, a flight can be delightfully free of interruption and inanity.
He begins with trade imbalances and the global financial crisis, explaining the meaning and implications of underconsumption and destabilizing imbalances as well as pervasive misconceptions and "the inanity of moralizing.
Summary: With the tremendous vitality, impressive democracy, and busloads of inanity of the American presidential elections behind us now.
The inanity of his exchange with Jaya Bachchan raised more questions about his ability to be in the office he now occupies.
Build up your Twitter fan base with a non-stop stream of inanity, become a painter with an iPod without the need for a brush or paint.
He will quote the example of regulation on the frequency and duration of ice cream van chimes as an example of the depths of bureaucratic inanity to which we have sunk.
I've read some tosh in my time, but the Kraft/Cadbury story in this week's Mail on Sunday plumbed new depths of inanity.
Sometimes we just need a bit of daft inanity to cheer us up.
The heavily white and male crowd lapped up every Limbaugh inanity.