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National Bank of Romania governor, Mugur Isarescu, said, 'The tax-cut package is economically and financially inapplicable.
Because the insurers could not prove that they made a "firm decision" to deny coverage before the attorneys prepared their reports, the work product doctrine was inapplicable.
16) This obviously and directly contradicts Smith's position that moral principles become inapplicable in emergency situations.
Steven is honored to have been able to contribute to all eight books and to be able to lead off the final volume with the paper he presented in Berkeley titled, "Tortured Bodies, Tortured Doctrines: Informed Consent as a Legal Fiction Inapplicable to Male Circumcision.
This reform is paved with good intentions that are, unfortunately, inapplicable in many cases," thinks French MEP Alain Cadec (EPP), thereby justifying his no' vote.
According to the court, the first situation was inapplicable because the complete termination (the 2009 reduction) of the spousal payments occurred in the sixth post-separation year, which disqualified it as a contingency related to a child.
In response, GSK has added a condition to its offer requiring HGS to redeem the poison pill or, alternatively, GSK being satisfied that the pill has been invalidated or is otherwise inapplicable to GSK's acquisition of HGS.
Asked about a suggestion to reduce working time in order to save electricity, the minister said the government had already pondered over the proposal, but found it inapplicable.
Article--7 of the Iraqi constitution is practically inapplicable, and the Accountability and Justice Committee within its current structure is legally unqualified to debaathificate," al-Hashemi said in a meeting with the U.
But Cambodia believes the charges against Thaksin, and his sentence, were politically motivated, making the 1998 extradition treaty between the two countries inapplicable.
The NDAA also declared that nothing in EWSAA ever authorized, directly or indirectly, the making inapplicable of any provision of [the FSIA] or the removal of the jurisdiction of any court [section] 1083(c)(4).
Tinto's integration framework is often assumed to be inapplicable to the study of student persistence at community colleges because one of the linchpins of the framework, social integration, is considered unlikely to occur for students at these institutions.