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National Bank of Romania governor, Mugur Isarescu, said, 'The tax-cut package is economically and financially inapplicable.
Because the insurers could not prove that they made a "firm decision" to deny coverage before the attorneys prepared their reports, the work product doctrine was inapplicable.
Runner insisted the law was not retroactive -- inapplicable to 90,000 ex-convicts.
1930) is inapplicable when the taxpayer presents "no evidence at all that would permit an informed estimate" of the claimed deduction, basis or other tax advantage).
For a rationale inapplicable in this setting--that our public policy favoring compensation for victims of automobile accidents trumps clear, bargained--for contractual limitations of coverage--the majority denies National the benefit of its bargain and rewrites the contract between these parties to now read that notice must be given 'no more than 120 days after receiving notice of any event which .
Furthermore, the board has determined that should the conditions of the rights plan be triggered prior to the scheduled expiration of the rights plan, the Company will either redeem the rights or amend the rights plan to make it inapplicable to such event.
AS we differ from animals, the results of animal tests are inapplicable to humans.
As for the [suggestion of] action being impermissible, it is inapplicable here because impermissibility is that which does not emerge into actuality and its existence is essential.
Proposed change improves the clarity of domestic source restrictions on the acquisition of ball and roller bearings by addressing only the exceptions, waivers, and waiver authority available to the contracting officer under current law; and by making the restrictions inapplicable to bearings that are commercial components of non-commercial end items or components.
Although valuable to the extent it applies, the 12-month rule remains inapplicable to a large number of transactions.
All kinds of politicians, including many otherwise left-leaning ones, somehow find that the invocation of God in public ceremonies and in public schools is neutral and not religious, making the First Amendment inapplicable.
With a late tax return showing a tax underpayment, the mailbox rule is inapplicable.