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371) Although this may be inapposite for social innovations that do not aim for market impact, prize sponsors may apply this intuition by calibrating the size of the award to some desirable (and measurable) metric, such as number of people served or improvements in health outcomes for a target population.
140) Rather, commentators argue that those cases are inapposite because they are interpretations of the dormant Foreign Commerce Clause; thus, they address only the states' inability to regulate commerce with foreign nations (and Congress's ability to curtail attempted exercises of such authority), not Congress's constitutional authority to affirmatively regulate conduct.
Additionally, as Omni pointed out, antitrust law may be inapposite to providing a check on political corruption.
417) The court found inapposite cases in which: 1) a town granted a conservation easement to a not-for-profit entity in exchange for the preservation of the land as an undeveloped public park; 2) a public entity expended public funds for promotional activities where the activities promoted the entity itself; and 3) an agriculture commissioner made payments for publicity designed to create new markets for apples, where the moneys disbursed were the proceeds of assessments against the parties to be benefited.
154) The neutrality provision in First Amendment TPM analysis is inapposite because, in the Second Amendment context, all laws under challenge would be, by necessity, "neutral.
This is not to suggest that such expedients are inapposite but it would suggest a need to reflect on the structural, institutional, cultural and, dare one say it, systemically capitalist obstacles that have been and remain in the way of their effective implementation.
Equations, statistics, and other kinds of mathematical statements are fundamentally inapposite to human experience and cannot in any way assert the truths of human experience.
Most prominent of these is the persona's conceit to "Love," common in poems to woman yet inapposite when addressing inanimate objects.
For an exhibition review to dwell initially on financial matters may seem tasteless or inapposite, but it is not irrelevant, since the ceramics world in Britain is not highly paid--most potters struggle to make a bare living.
This triggered debate between those who advocated applying ordinary public health measures to the disease, and those who contended that this was inapposite and unjust.
It has always been assumed that these were rejected as either inapposite to Wilde's play (Salome on Settle) or too shocking (Toilette of Salome and the John and Salome).
The cases Agent relied on for this proposition are inapposite because the plaintiffs in those cases did not allege that the agents with whom they dealt failed to provide the insurance coverage they requested.