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Inappreciable reduction in the total fulvic acids content and an increase in humic acids content, determined positive changes in the main humus quality indicators--[C.
The story may seem an inappreciable detail in the larger drama, but its function is significant: it makes a narrative link between the British Conquest of New France, the defining moment in the perpetual domination of the French Catholics by the British Protestants in Canada, and British repression of the Thirteen Colonies during the Seven Years War, which was one of the causes of the American War of Independence.
lt;<L'homme d'affaires, l'homme de bureau, son labeur quotidien termine retournera gaiement a sa villa ou l'attendent si non son epouse et des enfants cheris, du moins la solitude et la tranquillite, avantage inappreciable de la campagne>>, <<En villegiature: Beauharnois>>, La Patrie, 11 mai 1907, 16.
Il s'est ecoule presque une annee depuis que les Africains ont obtenu le bienfait inappreciable de la liberte .
48: <<Un avantage inappreciable sortit en meme temps tout-a-coup de ce travail [nomenclature] devenu si necessaire et si pressant.
p] had an inappreciable involvement in the potassium-calcium exchange.
For samples collected on GD17, we analyzed the whole brain, whereas in GD21 samples the forebrain was separated from the rest of the brain by making a cut rostral to the thalamus; because the cerebellum represents an inappreciable proportion of brain weight on GD21, the rest of the brain was considered to represent primarily the brainstem.
k] is inappreciable (emphasis in the original), not only with reference to the total production D = F(p), but also with reference to the derivative F'(p), so that the partial production [D.
Given such numbers, it is impossible for the Court to intervene in any way in more than an inappreciable fraction of the cases brought to American courts.
7) A split court held that the builder was not liable for replacing the pipe but only for "substantial" performance; it awarded damages to compensate the homeowner for the defects, which it judged to be of trivial and inappreciable importance.
Chadwick considered this 'an evil of almost inappreciable magnitude in comparison with the ill health occasioned by the retention of several hundred thousand accumulations of pollution in the most densely peopled districts'.