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As even the venerable Arnold Toynbee commented, "this word 'unique' is a negative term signifying what is mentally inapprehensible.
And yet in Taussig's careful prose, the gentleman's wonder at the inapprehensible color conveys a quality of experience that cannot be reduced to simple exoticism.
O world invisible, we view thee, O world intangible, we touch thee, O world unknowable, we know thee, Inapprehensible, we clutch thee
Poetry is the symbolic criticism of value and because this criticism can garb itself in even the most random subject, it is specifically inapprehensible.
Just as the essence-energies distinction asserts that God is apprehensible in one respect and inapprehensible in another, so the Thomistic distinction between created and uncreated beatitude, for example, deems the same beatitude created in one respect and uncreated in another (ST, q.
Because most people have some fear of death, they are particularly susceptible to such overwriting, which often leads one to accept forced narrative closure in compensation for an indeterminate, inapprehensible conclusion.
And the poem turns neither in the third nor fourth stanza but in the inapprehensible white space, the pause between stanzas, at which point the speaker's hope renews itself blindly, and as mysteriously and unaccountably as earth reappears in the fourth stanza.