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As opposed to texts like Heart of Darkness and at least the first half of Lord Jim, Nostromo is here destined to be "untimely," destined not to be written back to--precisely in the sense that more than anything else it writes not only its characters' but the reader's "otherness" and voice out of the equation: not asking, as Marlow continually does, for the reader's sense of contiguity, co- and contra-implication, commentary, not caring, any more than the aloof and inapproachable Higuerota does, for the reader's specific (and narcissistic) sense of common ground, or, to speak temporally, "contemporaneity.
A smooth continuum abolishes time, or rather time, in a smooth continuum, is illegible, inapproachable.
It seems impossibly inapproachable, but there is a path, a long and narrow one, that leads you right to the point where only a swallow would be brave enough to nest.
To Bitov, the paradoxical, anecdotal Pushkin seems to act as a powerful antidote against the dead, inapproachable monument erected by officialdom.