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It said that antibiotic prescribing nationally should be reduced by 10% by 2020, in accordance with the national ambition to cut levels of inappropriate prescribing in half.
com/) KidsWatch , which will restrict their access to inappropriate content.
The effect of a patients sex on the risk of inappropriate prescribing is of tremendous clinical and social concern, said Steve Morgan, professor in UBCs school of population and public health and principal investigator for the study.
Following a complaint about advertising that was considered inappropriate on two bus shelters on St Mary Street and Castle Street, the council contacted Clear Channel and the posters have now been removed.
And another investigation was been launched over potentially inappropriate behaviour on a social networking site.
During 41 months of follow-up ([+ or -]18 months), 204 patients (13%) had a total of 665 inappropriate shocks.
Inappropriate medication use as a risk factor for self-reported adverse drug events in older adults.
CMS took compliance and enforcement actions for inappropriate marketing against at least 73 organizations that sponsored MA plans from January 2006 through February 2009.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-30 June 2008-ImageGuard MailAssessor exposes inappropriate images on corporate e-mail(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
With organisations facing increasing problems in identifying, managing and eliminating inappropriate content, PineApp has integrated advanced new Inappropriate Content Control (ICC) technology into its Mail-SeCure and Surf-SeCure appliances.
Take, for example, one of the salacious sideshows of the recent midterm elections involving a Congressman's transmission of inappropriate e-mails to a young intern.
Inappropriate placement of mentally ill patients should be avoided whenever possible, agrees nursing home CEO Melvin Siegel, chairman of the legislative committee of the Illinois Nursing Home Administrators Association.