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The report, which is examining the efficiency drive in the health service, states: "The aim is to control demand without inappropriately restricting patients' access to care, but the Department has no way of routinely gaining assurance that this is being achieved.
Referring to 'allegations' that Newsnight item was pulled inappropriately.
Some women show up dressed inappropriately as they may not be aware of this beforehand," he said.
She seriously undermined pupils by speaking inappropriately, and by doing so failed to comply with statutory regulations.
He began to chat with them before acting inappropriately in front of them.
Aquafresca attempted to get the girl drunk and had touched her inappropriately and without her consent.
The YMCA had full knowledge that the employee was acting inappropriately with young girls but continued to employ him, according to the lawsuit.
NEW YORK -- Serology tests for suspected celiac disease are often inappropriately ordered or managed, increasing the chance of missed diagnosis, according to a study presented at an international symposium on celiac disease.
But a central tenet in "Juicing the Orange" is that executives have more creativity in their organizations than they realize, yet often inadvertently stifle it or channel it inappropriately.
In the disease, the immune system reacts inappropriately to gluten, or wheat protein.
Older dogs often have ingrained bad habits, from marking territory inappropriately to digging and running through the house or stealing food.
Her complaint alleges Reich touched her inappropriately, told her she had cervical scarring, and that she should schedule another appointment so he could examine her further.