inappropriately timed

See: untimely
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Fair enough, they were well-intentioned, if inappropriately timed coming as they did a week before Wales were to embark on a torrid tour to South Africa.
The air traffic control (ATC) message as the plane tried to land at Nottingham was inappropriately timed.
While much of this communication is necessary, reps and managers also experience a significant level of "noise" as colleagues in the field or at the corporate offices send communications that are poorly targeted, redundant or inappropriately timed -- 4.
Powell's grossly inappropriately timed sentiments expose how little he knows about what makes Houllier tick or understands the Liverpool manager's approach to the job.
Following on so quickly after his testimonial, the board believed Robert's request to be inappropriately timed and he should play out the extension of contract he requested.
Nobody's health and well-being should be threatened by sleeplessness caused by their neighbours' inappropriately timed house repairs.