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I am deeply disappointed that the police have chosen to go ahead with this campaign despite our protests about its inappropriateness.
It censured Kora as a mark of its "significant dissatisfaction with behaviour of this kind and the inappropriateness of such misconduct".
And how the Catholic church dares to moralise about the inappropriateness of homosexuality after protecting priests who raped young boys is beyond credibility.
While the book holds no inappropriateness in the mind of this reviewer, it is useful to point out that readers need to be able to decode such terms as "loincloth" and "cachesexe.
My heart leapt up when I beheld the likes of inappropriateness (17 letters) incomprehensibility (19 letters), and the 22-letter counterrevolutionaries and deinstitutionalization.
The participants were made aware of the inefficiencies and inappropriateness in allocating the budget.
He stressed, in particular, the inappropriateness of the education and training system with the labour market needs.
THE Examiner's reports which show the inappropriateness of the field off Farnley Hey Road for the site of the proposed cemetery are absolutely right.
Having answered that question, they rated the degree of responsibility they felt for their actions, their desire for the contract, inappropriateness of the bribe, likelihood the competitors would bribe or that a bribe would win the contract.
Women are staying at home for reasons of cost that extend beyond the cost of hospital birth itself, the poor quality of township hospitals, the cultural inappropriateness of hospital birthing practices, and lack of incentives, such as pain relief during labour.
They also note the inappropriateness of building a mosque near the scene of mass murder in the name of Islam.
What's striking about Greece and Portugal is the inappropriateness of these purchases.