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Slow internet speed showed similar pattern of relationship with tiresome browsing through internet, lack of confidence in online shopping, difficulty in placing orders online and inapt query handling.
The above example illustrates a broader and more serious outcome of misjudging the type of innovation required in a given competitive situation: The subsequent failure of an inapt innovation deters companies from pursuing market opportunities.
Recognizing this corrects or qualifies our earlier statement that music is inapt for American civic life because that life rests on an idea, and music is not good at expressing ideas.
Moreover, given the features that one takes to be central to and prominent in Asian Americans under the aspect of bananas, one might now come to find other features to be inapt or out of place for their character.
It's an inapt metaphor, giving the mistaken impression that the arsonist is not the one lighting the match but rather the one who allegedly makes the pyromaniac angry.
The irrational treatment practice and drug use is defined by intake of inapt doses, poly pharmacy, misuse of antimicrobials and inappropriate self medication, often of prescription only medicines.
To Amos Jones, the famous caricature of professors as having little consequence to real people is inapt when the academicians happen to be attorneys.
I could understand if it was a national paper that had the story under the name of Stockton - yet Billingham FC even got a mention on Steve Wright's BBC Radio 2's show - but for a local paper to put "Stockton" instead of "Billingham" seems inapt.
Her grandfather bankrupted the family, her father didn't trouble himself to find work, and Paul Johnson's characterization of the formidable Beauvoir as "Sartre's slave" is not inapt.
I never made eye contact with any of the children, nor did I get any closer to the inapt scene than the driver-side door of the EWEB Jeep parked 50 or 75 yards away on the opposite side of one of the busiest streets in Eugene.
Yet, Sosa maintains that the fragility of the first-order belief doesn't imply that it is inapt, so there would be no reason for thinking that any fragility inherited by the meta-belief would imply that it is inapt either.
The professor's reliance on this inquiry is inapt and misleading.