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Compared with the results of the developed countries, this study the two deterrents which are rated high are "Slow internet speed" and "Inapt query handling" which are still a major concern in developing countries like India.
"Government inapt polices is main hurdle in the way of promoting investment in the country which should be made investment friendly," said Dr.Salman Shah.
Like Pakistan, banks in African continent are also facing the stumbling blocks such as lack of logistics, inapt physical infrastructure, and public financial literacy to spread the traditional banking services to the masses.
Problem is that Thurston (the child, his name revealed very late) is so pathetically needy, and Willie such a drastically inapt dad figure, that their sequences together come off more painful than poignant.
A NNUAL remembrance of the chap who tried to rearrange Parliament rather more drastically than Mr Robin Cook being done, it's appropriate to celebrate another explosive gent and a Welshman with a singularly inapt name.
Eva, can I put panic in a pot to panic inapt, up in a cave?
When they don't work--and in my experience they haven't--it is always possible to fix the blame elsewhere: on unwise textual decisions, faulty musical execution, inapt staging or some combination thereof.
As for the 48 inapt "new" trains from China, return them for refund.
Foreign prisoners in particular are more vulnerable to Pakistan's inapt justice system.
It wouldn't be inapt to say that Veena Mailk finds her own ways to stay etched to the news, be it for her superfluous bold comments, controversies, advice to B-town heroines or her scandalous photoshoots.
Marvi Memon said that for improving situation in the country and to give befitting reply to the inapt government very soon a constitutional and political movement would be launched.
In a statement issued on Friday former President said that the present government is inapt to run the country and has turned the country into a Banana Republic.