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Finally, the difficulty of fashioning a remedy for successful pretext claims suggests the inaptness of the inquiry.
The difficulties that social scientists and especially policymakers face in assessing the results of state innovations contribute to the inaptness of the states-as-laboratories metaphor.
The mobilization of the Old Testament for political ends reflects, and may be attributed to, the political nature of the Hebrew Bible, as well as to the inaptness of the New Testament for explicitly political purposes.
This is where the LDC Corporation provisions begin to appear less promising, and perhaps more importantly seem to indicate the inaptness of Subpart F as a tool to overcome the capital neutrality paradox.
These include the inaptness of popular sovereignty as the ultimate foundation of the Australian Constitution; (17) that the referendum procedure in section 128 cannot be used to alter the territorial limits or proportionate representation of a State without the consent of the people of that State; (18) and that the reserved powers doctrine was consistent with the framers' decision to grant the Commonwealth limited legislative powers.
Pakistan, June 21 -- The defeat of the USSR in Afghanistan and its subsequent disintegration is attributed to inaptness of 'communism' as an ideology vis-a-vis 'western liberal democracy'.
1, the slow pace and inaptness of the 2007 broadband
"silliness," but her seeming inaptness can indicate her
resistance of judges to prejudice and the inaptness of the rule to
(182) Unfortunately, legislatures and courts often have used the reasonable belief standard in defining the acceptable risk of sexual imposition, despite its obvious inaptness. See, e.g., State v.
This is due to the inefficiency of these models to follow physical laws such as conservation of matter and energy and inaptness to incorporate different assumptions about the changes in energy technologies and costs.