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Olmsted lambasted typical urban streets, both for the grid's 'formal and repetitive arrangement', with its 'dull and inartistic appearance', and for the noisy, crowded and chaotic conditions that prevailed on commercial corridors.
His attention to precision, however trite and inartistic his sound may seem to the uninitiated, left an indelible mark on Robinson.
The shocking part is also inartistic, and so I can not comfort myself by a superior standpoint.
statements in a letter, if handiwork, however inartistic and
The coins' designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, had informed Roosevelt that the motto was unnecessary, and moreover that it was an "inartistic intrusion" upon the beauty of his design.
Needless to say, this genre readily engages design sensibilities of a puritanically reductionist, pathologically inartistic cast.
The fallen woman carrying another of her kind is how I see the relationship between two women to be." In about five months Vivan Sundaram has created more than 25 installations, all out of mannequins and what those with an inartistic eye would call ' rubbish'.
For that quality to be ameliorated, there must be a less inartistic judicial approach to the specialised area of art.
25), seeks to flatten many of the stark dichotomies that persist in characterizing--and inevitably denigrating as inartistic, inauthentic, or anti-modern--liszt's so-called Hungarian music.
(2) Similarly, early debates on film as an art form were very heterogeneous, either emphasizing its inartistic mass entertainment value or celebrating it as a new art which combines and redirects all other arts.
In the 1850s, Sir William Newton was already reportedly advocating "the heresy that pictures taken slightly out of focus, that is, with slightly uncertain and undefined forms, 'though less chemically, would be found to be more artistically beautiful.'" (303) An anonymous essay from 1864 humorously describes another sort of response to make photography more "artistic": There are some photographers, and more photographic critics, who are of opinion that a photograph cleanly taken, and properly focused, is 'inartistic;' [sic] and if asked why they pass upon it this terrible condemnation, they will reply, taking refuge behind another word of power, that it is 'realistic.'...
A person low on openness is conventional, avoids the unfamiliar, is inartistic and lacks imagination.