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In terms of the invisibility and inaudibility of men's narratives of IPA and IPV, it has been suggested that one of the main reasons why the issue of male victimisation at the hands of an intimate female partner is accorded relatively scant academic attention is the threat it poses to masculine self-images and patriarchal authority, including in academe.
The lack of acknowledgement of the Page's lament is an example of the heteronormative maintenance of the social invisibility, the social inaudibility and unintelligibility of the voice of same-sex desire, and, I would suggest, is emblematic of a conundrum that was at the heart of any late nineteenth century project of developing a distinct and positive discourse of male love.
Iago was "another Ian Bannen neurotic, a man given to zany laughter at some private joke--and private some of this must be because of inaudibility and incoherence" (Birmingham Mail).
This exchange reflects the absolute inaudibility of the black body before the law (in this case, lynch mob law).
At the QC3 introduction, Bose engineers confidently stated that inherent noise of both the QC2 and QC3 has been reduced to inaudibility.
On the inaudibility of the harmony of the spheres in the Pythagorean tradition, see for example Hans-Georg Nicklaus, Die Maschine des Himmels: Zur Kosmologie und Asthetik des Klangs (Munich: Wilhelm Fink, 1994) 97-108.
Butler may rival the witchery of Margaret Hamilton once she corrects some inaudibility of lyrics and dialogue.
There are numerous complaints from the judge and lawyers about the female witnesses' inaudibility.
Jose Mourinho and Bryan Robson's coarse confrontation at The Hawthorns would have made the Beeb's cutting room floor had it not been for its inaudibility.
to Iraq) was played down to the point of inaudibility, in preference for the quest to uncover and neutralise 'weapons of mass destruction' (even the neutralisation of terrorist networks took second place to this in the official British agenda).
Too many poets, reading aloud, ignore their own linebreaks or chew consonants like gristle or drop into inaudibility at the ends of lines.
However, it is not exactly the understatement that interests me, but rather the inaudibility of the narrative voice.