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It said that Konpe self-immolated on December 23 in Ngaba while shouting inaudible statements and died the following day.
For designing an inaudible side channel it is thus essential to first pick an appropriate frequency band for transmission.
Reports said that since the video was inaudible, it was not possible to know what the two were discussing but it looked as though Mahira was pleading with RK.
Judge Armstrong urged jurors not to guess or speculate on inaudible responses, nor to hold what one person said against the other.
The call quality from the phone is muffled, low quality, and sometimes inaudible to the person at the other end.
The Marksman II converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible "natural" sound.
Using a built–in microphone, Bark Buster senses barking and immediately triggers a harmless, high–pitched sonic pulse, which is inaudible to humans.
After episode one, the newspapers, in the forms of both critics and outraged readers' letters, fulminated against the appalling soundtrack: they claimed it consisted of incoherent and inaudible mumbling.
MDE-2000NC Marksman[TM] ll is an ultrasonic diagnostic tool that converts and amplifies inaudible ultrasonic sound into audible "natural" sound.
The play, starring David Essex, could have probably been adequate entertainment but was badly let down by a sound system which rendered diction, punch lines and actors' efforts at times inaudible and resulted in a major disappointment.
Quite literally: The recording lays in quiet electronic sounds and inaudible mutters on top of the sound of wind.
While the sound must be extremely intense, its high frequency makes it inaudible to human ears, and levitation can open up new ways for the researchers to manipulate objects.