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INAUGURATION. This word was applied by the Romans to the ceremony of dedicating some temple, or raising some man to the priesthood, after the augurs had been consulted. It was afterwards applied to the installation (q.v.) of the emperors, kings, and prelates, in imitation of the ceremonies of the Romans when they entered into the temple of the augurs. It is applied in the United States to the installation of the chief magistrate of the republic, and of the governors of the several states.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The current Head of Department of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan, Ojebode is the third Professor of the 42-year old Department to deliver such an inaugural lecture.
Abu Dhabi Airports' Chief Commercial Officer, Maarten De Groof, said: "We are excited to be Air India Express' first choice for their inaugural route.
Samar Mubarakmand, renowned nuclear scientist, presented a keynote speech during the inaugural session and shared his thoughts on the energy security prospects in Pakistan.
For Emirates, the A380 inaugural flight to Hamburg was a special celebratory event, marking the homecoming of the aircraft to the city where it was manufactured and fitted out.
"It is a source of our pride that Kuwait Airways makes its inaugural flight from the new terminal to Bahrain," the report said citing Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, Bahrain's Transportation and Telecommunications Minister.
Washington DC [USA], June 21 ( ANI ): India and the United States will hold an inaugural 2+2 dialogue on July 6 in Washington D.C.
According to sources, the inaugural flight will take off from Dubai International Airport at 8am local time for Pakistan's new green-field airport in Islamabad and will touch down at the airport at 12:10pm.
Meanwhile, Senate Standing Committee on Commerce and Textile in its inaugural meeting of the tenure has unanimously elected Senator Shibli Faraz as its chairman.
Following the inaugural flight, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be used on the daily route with a capacity for 254 passengers, of which 22 seats will be in first class.
"The guests are arriving and checking in to board the inaugural flight.
Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Shahryar Khan has expressed disappointment over Afghanistan agreeing to play their inaugural Test match against India, stating that while the decision saddens him, it was also a result of their board taking an 'unnecessarily aggressive line' towards Pakistan.
The inaugural run drew 902 participants while 823 took part in last year's edition.