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INAUGURATION. This word was applied by the Romans to the ceremony of dedicating some temple, or raising some man to the priesthood, after the augurs had been consulted. It was afterwards applied to the installation (q.v.) of the emperors, kings, and prelates, in imitation of the ceremonies of the Romans when they entered into the temple of the augurs. It is applied in the United States to the installation of the chief magistrate of the republic, and of the governors of the several states.

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8,578 Words in William Henry Harrison's inaugural address, the longest
In his second inaugural address, President Barack Obama quoted the Declaration of Independence and he talked about 'unalienable rights,'"(http://www.
The president — often criticized by supporters for being too quick to compromise in his first term only to get little in return from Republicans — spoke with fire in his inaugural address for the center-left political agenda that first carried him into the White House four years ago.
Taken together they suggest something akin to the Big Society, and so they should, for after JFK's assassination, Lyndon Johnson launched something called the Great Society, to pick up many of the ideals outlined by JFK in his historic inaugural address.
This is Henrard's inaugural address as he stepped up to the Chair of Minority Protection at the law school of Erasman University, Rotterdam in October 2010.
Rick Perry seasoned his inaugural address Tuesday with numerous criticisms of the federal government, attacking Washington's handling of the federal budget and the Texas-Mexico border.
Geagea urged Sleiman to "adhere to the inaugural address that all Lebanese agreed on and adopt positions based
President Ahmadi-nejad was formally sworn-in for his second term last Wednesday and declared in his inaugural address that the Islamic Republic must be recognized as a global power.
IT might not have matched Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech for emotion and memorability, but Barack Obama's inaugural address was powerful, inspirational and gave Wee Shrub a metaphorical kicking.
Aides have said that in his inaugural address, Obama would call for a spirit of national sacrifice amid an economic recession as well as wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Experts expect a similar tone today in the 44th president's inaugural address when, nearly six years after Mr.
Citing the principle of ''no unification, no independence and no use of force'' in his inaugural address on Tuesday, new Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou, 57, stressed his intention to maintain the status quo in Taipei's relationship with Beijing.