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Four did not: Aguinaldo (no such ritual, and his inaugural was not in Manila), Laurel (to avoid comparisons to the Commonwealth), Osmena (succeeded into office overseas), C.
(A comparable time-span would be Obama invoking Ronald Reagan's first Inaugural of 1981.)
In George Washington's precedent-setting first Inaugural he reminded his 'fellow citizens' that he had served as Commander-in-Chief during the Revolutionary War on an expenses-only basis and so proposed to serve as first President without pay.
Plans for the expected array of official inaugural events like concerts and dinners have yet to be announced.
The incoming administration also has little say over the tone of the array of inaugural balls and other celebrations at sites throughout Washington.
Overall, which value themes are most frequently cited in the inaugural addresses?
Are there any differences between inaugural addresses given by Republicans and Democrats?
One ship's hotel manager told us maiden voyages draw inaugural junkies for oddball reasons--such as those who simply love to sleep on spanking new bed sheets or dine on dinnerware no one has touched before.
And last year, just one day into her inaugural cruise, P&O's Aurora broke down and limped back to Southampton, England.
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For earlier content analyses of presidential inaugurals, see John McDiarmid, "Presidential Inaugural Addresses--A Study in Verbal Symbols," Public Opinion Quarterly 1, no.
The complication in 2010 was that the president-elect preferred an inaugural in Quezon City instead of at the Luneta.