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The Finance Minister also inaugurated the milk Sabeel for the devotees as well.
The project was inaugurated at the presence of Iranian Communications and Information Technology Minister Mahmoud Vaezi in the city of Zahedan in Southeastern Sistan and Balouchestan province.
KP Speaker also inaugurated the construction of two kilometer Jalsai Raod costing Rs 20 million and also announced 200 KV transformer for Jalsai Village.
Khartoum State Governor, Dr Abdul Rahman Al Khidir, pointed out that more health and environmental health facilities would be inaugurated during the coming days in Khartoum state.
The dormitory for students and teachers of the Khorog State University was inaugurated by the Prime Minister.
The President's Estate Branch of United Bank of India was established on February 28, 1976 and inaugurated by the then President of India, Late Dr.
The new elementary campus is an extension of the existing school, which caters to students from grade six to 12 and was inaugurated in 2006.
The UPA chairperson inaugurated a FM radio station, built at a cost of ` 10 crore, at the campus of Akashwani in Manchitpur area of Amawan.
Albania's Premier Berisha inaugurated the road reconstruction Llongo - Koshovica, he, in the Upper Dropull, in the district of Gjirokastra, 5.
Mohammad Reza Qalambor, the projects' manager, said Shahid Bastami power plant in the city of Shahrood and Quds power plant in the city of Semnan would be inaugurated later on Tuesday.
While in La Vega province, Fernandez also inaugurated a model jail in Sabaneta, a RD$278 million investment.
KANDAHAR CITY (PAN): Four new schools were inaugurated in the Mianshin district of southern Kandahar province in a single day on Saturday, benefiting hundreds of students, officials said.