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INAUGURATION. This word was applied by the Romans to the ceremony of dedicating some temple, or raising some man to the priesthood, after the augurs had been consulted. It was afterwards applied to the installation (q.v.) of the emperors, kings, and prelates, in imitation of the ceremonies of the Romans when they entered into the temple of the augurs. It is applied in the United States to the installation of the chief magistrate of the republic, and of the governors of the several states.

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HHShkMohd , @MohamedBinZayed and Rulers of emirates attend the inauguration of the #FounderMemorial as the #UAE celebrates @YearofZayed - Dubai Media Office (@DXBMediaOffice) February 26, 2018
Let it be noted that the CWC of the Lagos State PDP has not finalised the processes which should bring about a generally accepted ceremonial inauguration of the Wards and LGAs officers.
Allegations of ballot-rigging followed, with at least 31 people dying during demonstrations and the opposition promising more protests in the run-up to the inauguration.
The PTI workers hailing from constituency PK-4 threatened the sports minister against inauguration of sports complex building.
The inauguration is set for start at 10 am on November 24, venue - reception house Ene-Sai at the Ala-Archa state residence.
Kraft, however, was one of eight NFL executives to donate to Trump's inauguration festivities.
Among them was the ANSWER Coalition, a protest and civil rights organization that counted itself among more than two dozen groups to apply for First Amendment permits to demonstrate at the inauguration.
Andanar has said that President Rodrigo Duterte won't attend Trump's inauguration.
As soon as the election results were announced, planning got underway for the inauguration celebrations of Gov.
As the inauguration unfolded in the heavily guarded presidential palace, two bomb attacks took place on the road connecting the country's main airport with the palace.
Muscat : Assigned by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, His Highness Sayyid Asa'ad bin Tariq Al Said, His Majesty's representative and an accompanying delegation on Sunday attended the inauguration ceremony of President Abdul Fatah Al Sisi of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Inauguration of newly elected President of Georgia will be conducted outside a former building of the parliament in